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UWT-S Hard Shell Ukulele Case Soprano Size $45
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 The UWT-S Hard Shell Ukulele Case is the standard shape of soprano size ukulele case. The inner structure is wood, lined with the pad and the black plush material, and the outside is black fake leather. The UWT-S ukulele case has the storage with the hard cover inside, which is convenient to organize ukulele accessories. The UWT-S ukulele Case fits to the most of  soprano long-neck ukuleles. The protection is better than hard foam cases.

The Storage inside
The storage with the hard cover is convenient for ukulele accessories.

・The inner structure is wood.
・Fits to the most of soprano long-neck ukuleles.
・Plush inside.
・The storage with the hard cover inside.
・Open/close by two of latches.
・Good protection.
・Country of Origin: China

Exterior Length 62.5cm
Exterior Width 25.0cm
Exterior Depth 11.0cm
Interior Length 59.0cm
Interior width 18.5cm
Interior depth 8.5cm
Weight 1,260g
※These are measured values of a sample. 

※All pictures are of sample. it is not an actual article.
※This ukulele case is unfit for pineapple shape ukuleles.
※If you order it with an ukulele, please make sure the ukulele you order comes with a case or not.
※This item can be shipped to U.S. domestic and the safe zone where are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan etc.

UWT-S Hard Shell Ukulele Case Soprano Size

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