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'I'iwi ICP-Poi Concert Ukulele Premier Poi-Pounder $3,500
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The 'I'iwi ICP-poi model is a concert size ukulele with a beautiful Hawaiian curly Koa body and a single piece mahogany neck. The structure is highly decorated with gorgeous handpicked materials. One of the most distinctive decorations is the hummingbird ('I'iwi) designed inlay made with several kinds of shells. The body also features a unique Hawaiian poi pounder designed rosette with abalone shell inlay around the sound hole. The 'I'iwi ICP-Poi model has four Gotoh Planetary Gear tuners which are geared tuners with straight pegs. These are some of the smoothest tuning mechanisms on the market, very convenient for the fine tuning the instrument. The 'I'iwi ICP-Poi model is lightweight and with a good weight balance between head and body. This instrument plays wonderfully and the tone is full and sweet. Free hard foam case is included.

(1)The bird design inlay
I'iwi hummingbird design multiple shell inlay is on the ebony headplate.

(2)Fret markers
Diamond design abalone shell inlay fret markers are on the ebony fretboard.

(3)Hawaiian poi pounder design rosette by abalone shell inlay
Hawaiian poi pounder design rosette by abalone shell inlay is around the sound hole.
(4)Ebony binding and abalone shell purfling
Ebony binding is on the top and the back of the body, and abalone shell purfling is on the top of the body.

(5)The three pieces jointed backboard
Koa/Bubinga/Koa  jointed backboard of the body.

・I'iwi symbol hummingbird design shell inlay on the ebony headplate
・Ebony fretboard
・Hawaiian curly Koa body
・Ebony binding on the top and the back of the body
・Abalone shell inlay purfling on the top of the body
・Hawaiian poi pounder design inlay by abalone shell rosette around the sound hole
・Koa/Bubinga/Koa jointed backboard of the body
・Herringbone center stripe on the bottom of the body
・Diamond design abalone shell fret markers on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 15th fret
・White side markers on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 15th fret
・Gotoh Planetary Gear / Straight peg geared tuners
・Satin finish
・Oasis strings (High-G)
・Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Hawaii)

【Specification】   【Dimensions】
Head Plate Ebony   Length 59.5cm
Tuners Gotoh Planetary Gear   Width of Body 19.8cm
Nut Bone   Depth at Bottom of Body 6.7cm
Fret Board Ebony


Scale Length 38.2cm
Fret Marker Abalone Shell   Distance of Strings at Nut 9mm
Side Marker White   Distance of Strings at Saddle 14mm
Neck Mahogany   Thickness of Neck at Nut side 1.6cm
Body Top Hawaiian Curly Koa   Nut Width 3.4cm
Body Back & Side

Hawaiian Curly Koa and Bubinga

  Number of Frets 17 frets
Body Binding Ebony   Jointed at Fret 14 fret
Body Purfling Abalone Shell & White/Black   Weight 475g
Rosette Abalone Shell   ※These are measured values of a sample ukulele.
Click here to show the dimensions of an ukulele. 
Bridge Ebony  
Saddle TUSQ  
Standard Strings Oasis Strings  

【Free Item】
UC-C Hard Foam Case: UC-C Hard Foam Case is included.
(See the picture click blue characters.)

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'I'iwi ICP-Poi Concert Ukulele Premier Poi-Pounder

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